Presentation -High value-added proposals-

Analyze market needs and provide valuable information.

We do not merely purchase and distribute marine products, but also analyze market needs in detail and aim to continuously provide high value-added information and services along with our products. We believe that our important role is to quickly identify what the market is demanding and provide foodstuffs that truly delight our customers in various aspects of the industry.


Sharing the “now” around the world, made possible by the Water Research Institute

We provide our customers with the latest information on fish species, quality, catches, and market prices collected from fishing ports around Japan and from countries around the world in real time. This information is centrally managed by in-house sales representatives specializing in each type of fish. Furthermore, based on the sales analysis system at the Information Management Center, the information is delivered to customers in a timely manner as useful “tailor-made information.


Ability to propose new product development, new menus, etc.

For mass merchandisers and the food service industry, we are proactively promoting proposals that include basic knowledge of seafood, support for creating new menus using seasonal ingredients, cooking methods, and sales methods. In Japan, seafood has long been a valuable source of protein, but in recent years the “shift away from fish” has been accelerating, especially among children and young people. Therefore, as a trading company specializing in marine products, we have been actively proposing fish-centered menus that address the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and health promotion, based on the know-how we have accumulated over the years and by accurately grasping the ever-changing needs of the market.