Coordination -Creating an ideal supply-demand relationship-

High quality and best price are the proof of trust of “Suiken Brand”.

We have built a brand of trust in the marine products industry, known as “Suiken of Quality”.
This is the result of our strict scrutiny of the freshest seasonal seafood and our efforts to always offer the best prices by minimizing intermediate distribution costs, thereby ensuring a stable supply of high-quality, safe, and secure marine products to our customers.

To establish the Suiken brand

Marine products are difficult to standardize because they are not uniform in size or quality. In addition, the production areas and catches fluctuate, which makes the handling of marine products even more difficult.
We have a wide variety of know-how that enables us to accurately manage not only quality, but also price formation, product safety and security in various phases of the distribution process, from “production area” to “dining table.


Flexible response to diversification of distribution markets

We deal not only with food wholesalers and retailers, but also with a wide variety of customers, including mass merchandisers, food service companies, supermarkets, fish processing and aquaculture companies, aquariums, and leisure-related businesses. In response to this diversification of sales patterns, we flexibly respond to all customer needs.
Based on our philosophy of “supplying good products in a timely manner according to demand,” we strive to pursue further customer satisfaction through close business negotiations with our customers.