frozen vegetables

frozen vegetables
About 10 years ago we began dealing in frozen vegetables from China.
Today, it has grown to the point where it accounts for a portion of the company’s sales.
Compared to frozen fish, there is still room to expand our sales channels, so this is an area that will continue to grow.
Currently, we only purchase fish from China, but we plan to expand our purchasing channels to Southeast Asia in the future.


We purchase carefully selected, high-quality vegetables from China’s vast farmlands.
China has diverse climate zones, and there is an abundance of vegetables grown under optimal conditions in each region.
This allows us to provide a stable supply of a wide variety of vegetables all year round.

By using the latest freezing technology, the freshness and nutritional content of vegetables can be preserved for a long period of time.
Quick freezing immediately after harvest locks in the flavor, color, and nutrients of the vegetables, preventing quality deterioration during transportation.

In addition, our supply chain has consistent quality control standards from production to processing, transportation, and delivery. This guarantees a safe and hygienic supply of frozen vegetables.

In addition, we offer suggestions on how these frozen vegetables can be used in our customers’ menus or as convenient foodstuffs.
For example, they can be thawed and used as needed without the need for time-consuming preprocessing, reducing waste and improving cost efficiency.