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Suiken Incorporated (below, “the Company”) recognizes that managing and protecting personal information is an important social obligation the Company maintains in the execution of the Company’s businesses and services, and as such, the Company handles all personal information in a secure manner in full compliance with all relevant laws on the protection of personal information.

  1. The Company takes appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, leakage, modification, and illegal offsite access to the personal information of customers it handles.
  2. The Company uses personal information obtained from customers only for the purpose of providing the Company’s services or information to the customer or to improve its services. For all other purposes, the Company will clearly state the purpose of use in advance when obtaining personal information.
  3. When outsourcing the handling of customers’ personal information to a third party, the Company will select an outsourcer with the same level of information management capabilities as the Company and perform proper oversight and management of this outsourcer.
  4. The Company will respond as appropriate when requested by an individual to confirm, revise or delete the contents of their personal information in its possession.
  5. The Company will never disclose or provide customers’ personal information to a third party without the prior approval of the customer.
  6. The Company will comply with laws on the protection of personal information as well as develop and continually improve an internal system that includes a Compliance Committee and a Corporate Code of Conduct, which it will make known to all.

Please contact the following office for questions or concerns regarding personal information.

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