Innovator of fishery circulation

We are active in many parts of the fisheries supply chain as a key innovator

The fisheries industry is undergoing great change, marked by a declining catch domestically, a subsequent increase in imported fisheries products, changes in consumption style and the emergence of new sales channels more directly linked to end users. As a dedicated fisheries trading company, we are able to totally coordinate the flow of various fisheries products from fishing port to dining table. We can accomplish this by capitalizing on our domestic and international network and our active involvement throughout the fisheries supply chain, making us a true innovator. Our goal is to be a leading company in the industry that is fully capable of taking on any challenge.

Coordination Building Optimal Supply-Demand Relationships Presentation Proposing Added Value Supply Network Supplying Fisheries Resources Globally

Aspiring to build the optimal fisheries supply chain

Suiken was established in 1975 with the hope of establishing a better supply chain for fisheries products and over the years we have accumulated a wealth of expert knowledge and know-how when it comes to the fisheries industry and its supply chain. Our dedication as a fisheries trading company has earned a great deal of respect and trust from our customers.

Our advantage lies in the fact we know a great deal about the needs of both producers and consumers, and we are capable to accommodating a wide range of needs through our pursuit of new supply chain formats that transcend conventional frameworks. Our goal going forward will be to help make society a better place by aspiring to build optimal supply-demand relationships.

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