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Committed to safeguarding a rich diet of fisheries products for people around the world and to fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen

Today, Suiken has established a reputation within the fisheries industry as a name you can trust for quality. I believe this is the result of our consistent pursuit of the best, achieved thanks to our on-the-ground commitment to carefully scrutinize seafood for quality where its caught, our commitment to the freshest seasonal fisheries to deliver seasonal favorites caught at the right time, and our commitment to quality data that ensures only the freshest, safest and most delicious seafood for all thanks to a rigorous control system.

From the harbor to your dining table, we deliver the right seafood for the individual needs of our customers that span from food wholesalers, volume retailers and restaurants to fisheries processors and aquaculture business operators. This enables us to totally coordinate the flow of fisheries resources, contributing to health and a diverse diet.

Going forward, we will continue with our important commitments as a dedicated fisheries trading company to preserve Japan’s fisheries food culture and ensure a rich diet of seafood for people around the world.

President Souichirou Saito

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