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As a company that has devoted itself to nothing but the highest quality since its founding, we fully recognize that legal compliance, corporate ethics, and respect for human rights are critical to providing safe and secure fisheries products that provide the highest value added possible. We also share this belief internally with all of our employees to ensure it is practiced day in and day out.

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Suiken Corporate Code of Conduct

We recognize our corporate social responsibilities and will faithfully comply with all laws and regulations and act in the following manners with sound social judgment.

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and company rules
  2. We will provide high quality, safe and secure products as well as accurate information
  3. We will strive to establish relationships of mutual trust with our business partners
  4. We will strive to offer workplaces that are safe, ensure employees are healthy and that enable employees to achieve self-fulfillment
  5. We will help protect the environment
  6. We will engage in corporate citizenship activities
  7. We will engage in fair and transparent business activities
  8. We will take a resolute stance against anti-social forces
  9. For all other actions not provided for above, we will act accordingly based on the essence of our corporate philosophy.

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Human Resource Development

We will develop professionals in the fisheries industry based on an open corporate culture that values employee independence and assertiveness. We offer a host of programs that support the personal and professional growth of our employees, including subsidies for various qualifications and licensing exams as well as language learning.

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