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Coordination Building Optimal Supply-Demand Relationships

Superior quality and the best price are proof positive of the trust placed in the Suiken brand

Suiken has established a reputation within the fisheries industry as a brand you can trust for quality. This is because over the years we have continually supplied only the highest quality, safest and most secure fisheries products to our customers by carefully scrutinizing fresh seasonal seafood and always providing it at the best possible price by keeping middleman costs down.

Advanced know-how of the fisheries supply chain

Fisheries remain a difficult commodity to develop a set of standards for because size and quality are not always the same. At the same time, fluctuations in how much and where fisheries are caught make them even more difficult to handle uniformly.
Suiken has the know-how to properly manage price and product safety, in addition to quality, in all parts of the supply chain, from fishing port to dining table.

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Responding agilely to market diversification

Suiken works with many types of customers, from food wholesalers and retailers to volume retailers, restaurants, supermarkets, fisheries processors, aquaculture businesses, aquariums and leisure facilities. We have positioned ourselves to accommodate the various needs of our customers by responding to this sales channel diversification in an agile manner. Based on the philosophy of supplying good quality products in a timely manner, we continually pursue customer satisfaction through one-on-one business meetings with our customers.

Processing solutions to meet the needs of today

Changes in consumer lifestyles have reduced the amount of time spent at home preparing seafood for meals. With rising demand for foods that can be easily prepared and eaten right away, the importance of processing on the frontlines of the fisheries supply chain continues to grow.
Suiken offers a variety of processing solutions based on application, such as filleting, while paying the utmost attention to quality management throughout the processing flow.


Always ocean-fresh

Suiken has built up its own network with fishing ports across Japan in order to provide customers with the absolutely freshest possible seasonal seafood in a timely manner. Since our founding our goal has been to capitalize on this network to be among the first in the fisheries industry to offer ocean-fresh fish right off the boat.

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